The Reserve is the quintessential lifestyle community. Perfect for entertaining, quiet times,
recreation and new friends.

To all Residents of The Reserve at Hershey Meadows Condominium Association

The Executive Board of the Association wishes to remind all Unit Owners of certain restrictions that are contained in the Declaration of Condominium and that are applicable to all Unit Owners in the Development. The purpose of this notice is to remind our new, as well as our existing, community members of some of these restrictions, which are located in the Declaration at pages 33 to 39 (unless otherwise noted). Below you will find a short list of some of the more commonly 'forgotten rules':


A Unit Owner desiring to rent/lease his/her unit must provide a copy of the lease to the Homeowner's Association Board at least 10 days before the lease is valid. All leasing Units are subject to the following requirements and must be for a full year No Short-Term Rental permitted (See Article XX of the Declaration)

All tenants are subject to the same use restrictions and rules and regulations as the Unit Owners.

Unit Owners are responsible for all actions of their tenants. A Violation of a restriction by a tenant may subject the Unit Owner to enforcement action including payment of all fees, fines, costs, charges and assessments.


Pets must always be on a leash under the control of a person capable of controlling the pet when outside of the Unit. Pet owners are required to immediately pick up animal waste deposited on the Common Elements and discard into appropriate waste receptacle. Only 2 pets per unit are permitted.


No parking is allowed in front of mailboxes Monday - Saturday between the hours of 10am and 4pm. No parking in front of yellow curbs or your vehicle could be towed.

All Unit Occupants and their guests must refrain from parking in or blocking other driveways than the one designated with their unit.

Use of Common Elements (unless otherwise notes, Common Elements [including Limited Common Elements and General Common Elements] consist of everything that is no part of a Unit).

Each Unit Occupant's personal property must be stored within the confines of that occupant's Unit.
Common Elements may not be defaced, obstructed or misused in any manner.

No Unit Occupant may make alterations in the exterior appearance or structural modifications without approval from the Condo Association Executive Board. Please contact Property Manager or a Board member at least 60 days before the start of any such alteration. 

General Common Considerations.

All Unit Occupants must use items that make sound (ex. TV, instruments, tools, etc) in a respectful manner that does not unreasonably disturb others. 

Solicitation of any kind is prohibited

This is by no means meant to be an all-inclusive list of the use restrictions in the Community.

For more information, a comprehensive list of the rules and regulations can be found under Use Restrictions and Leasing on pages 33 thru 39 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. These Restrictions apply to all Unit Occupants and Owners at the Reserves.

In accordance with the Due Process Procedures set out in Article XXV of the Declaration and the rules and regulations established by the Executive Board, the failure of the Occupants, the Owner and/or their guests to comply with these rules and regulations will result in:

  • First violation: A written notice with requirement to immediately attain compliance will be given to the Unit Owner.
  • Second violation or failure to achieve compliance within 2 weeks of first violation (or such shorter period contained in the written notice if the Board determines more immediate compliance is required): A $50 fine to be assessed until compliance is achieved at 2 week intervals or a 3 month period without incidents is completed (as appropriate).

With each violation, the Unit Owner may request to appear before the Homeowner's Association Board to discuss the situation. If the Unit Occupant is not an Owner, the Unit Owner will be responsible for achieving/maintaining compliance with these Rules. In addition to fines, the Board may impose upon the Unit Owner all costs to enforce the Rules, including any attorney's fees and costs.

After reviewing this letter, please fill out the appropriate slip below and return it either directly to the management office or by postal mail to:  Penn Equity Associates, P O Box 228, Palmyra, PA  17078.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please visit to leave feedback with the "Contact Us" or call 717-930-6081 to leave a message with the management office.

Thanks for keeping the Reserves a beautiful and friendly neighborhood!

The Reserve Homeowner's Association Board

The above information and the form that needs signature can be printed by clicking here.