Dear Homeowner,

 At the Annual Homeowner's meeting last December certain concerns were voiced.  

 Secondly, a large number of homeowners voiced their displeasure with those folks who continually break the established rules for pet control.  We would like all residents’ of the Reserves to remember that a fine structure is in place for those who repeatedly break the community rules.  If you become aware of someone breaking a community rule, such as not picking up after dog waste, please report that violation to the management office either in person, with a phone call or through the website.  This will enable the Association to take the appropriate steps to protect the community. 

To that end, we wanted to remind everyone that all pets should be leashed when present outside of the units.  Each pet owner is responsible for immediately picking up any waste left by his/her pet.  Finally, pets should not be kept staked outside of units.

Finally, the Board would like to establish a Homeowner's Watch to ensure the safety and beauty of the neighborhood by having interested volunteers keep an eye out for violations of community rules.  The Board needs your help and ideas.  If you are interested, please contact us through the management office or the website. 

Thank You,
The Reserve Homeowner's Association Board

Penn Equity Associates
P O Box 228
Palmyra, PA  17078
(717) 930-6081

Please refrain from parking in front of the mail boxes during the post office hours!

Please don't let doo doo become an issue! Please pick up after your pets!


Please keep your pets on leash when taking them outside. Please be mindful of your neighbors.  Your pet is obviously dear to you but could be scarey for others!

For Residents

Please try to keep the area around the trash bins tidy. Do not leave your garbage outside.